Tumble Down Dick Eyeglass Holder
Tumble Down Dick Eyeglass Holder

Your Company Logo and Eyeglass Holding Pin
The tumbledowndick eye wear holder is extremely functional and a great marketing/promotional item for businesses of all kinds. The printable area is approximately 1.25 inches x 0.75 inches. Your company can place its full color logo on the front for all to see.


This promotional item has a practical use. Most of us need a convenient place to park our sunglasses or eyeglasses from time to time. Why not put your company name and brand on a practical and useful product your customer will be pleased to wear ? Your logo or brand can be molded onto our pin in one color and your customers can park their glasses in our patented holder and have them securely held until needed.

  • The pin attaches to a garment wherever desired
  • Eyeglasses never hide or block view of logo
  • Your brand name or logo can be molded onto the face
  • Place one temple piece thru the holder and fold eyeglasses
  • Flexible fingers hold most glasses in place.


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The idea for this eyeglass holder arose during a ski trip some years ago. Having dropped a pair of sunglasses trying to find an open pocket to put them into, provided a need for a solution. Never did find them. Every day you can see glasses riding a lift but cannot usually find the same place on the way down. How many pairs of sunglasses have you seen on the ground under a lift? I can think of scores of glasses. On a ski lift there is need for a ready place to park sunglasses to apply sunscreen—or adjust equipment without shedding or fumbling with gloves to work a zipper pocket. This also leads to dropping gloves or ski poles. A ready holder like this is handy on a ski lift for applying sunscreen lotion. Or when you walk inside a building and do not need sunglasses.

While this logo pin and eyeglass holder (now patented) fit together, and together they will attach to a garment. Moreover, they provide a receptacle to hold a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. The lower portion will allow for the temple piece of eyeglasses to be inserted and the glasses folded, staying in place. The receptacle for your glasses has a flexible web filler that pushes aside to insert the temple piece yet folds around the temple piece. In this manner the eyeglasses are actually held in place with enough pressure that glasses will not fall out of the holder. Otherwise, they are easily removed when needed.

This feature is particularly useful when you want to keep your eyeglasses or sunglasses temporarily at hand when not being worn.

The holder is also handy when working at a computer, that is, if you do not need your reading glasses to read a monitor. Also handy anytime reading glasses are not needed---in a store, car, and movie or just walking.

The logo pin holder will accept eyeglass temple pieces up to about 3/8 inch wide. It will retain wire, flat wire and plastic side pieces. It will not accept the wide currently popular side pieces larger than that. When inserted, however, eyeglasses are held securely until needed. They will not fall out of this receptacle when you bend over.

Tumble Down Dick Eyeglass Holder